Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sesselbahn Alpboden-Haldigrat (Städeli/Von Rotz)

Magazzino a pneumatici BMF Bartholet

Bartholet Seilbahnen - Brest hat die erste urbane Seilbahn in Frankreich

Two cable cars in Brest can transport up to 60 people more than 400 meters above the river pen field, with a power consumption that reaches almost zero.
Since 19. November, the mobility in the French City of Brest has been supported by two cable cars gondolas by Bartholet Maschinenbau AG who can transport up to 60 people more than 400 meters over the river pen field - and this with A power consumption that reaches almost zero. Leroy-Somer has delivered the drives for the new urban cable car in brest.
The City of brest wants to promote urban development along the banks of the pen field. The Urban Cable car is designed to strengthen the business relations between the two sides of the river. Over 420 metres, it connects the city centre with the new district of capucins, which is re-established on 16 hectares of a former military site.
Gondolas crosses each other
Two ropes are superimposed on each other in the form of a "Flyover" System, which is used for the first time in the world. The two gondolas cross each other and not as usual at the same height as the case of conventional cable cars.
Both gondolas are on the same platform at their end points. The size of the system and the termini (especially its land) are smaller, resulting in lower construction costs. This is particularly advantageous in urban environments with limited space.
The innovative approach allowed the preservation of the stations building in the district of capucins, which is listed as a monument. The Gondolas are located on a single steel mast, which is optimally integrated into the surrounding area with yards and cranes. Each gondola is mounted on two diameters of 50 mm in diameter with a weight of 88 tons. The counterweight effect, as seen in the mountains in Bergen, is avoided here, as the gondolas are moving over the most part of the line at the same time.