Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hetauda-Kathmandu Ropeway

 Hetauda-Kathmandu Ropeway
In its glory days, the 42km Hetauda-Kathmandu cargo ropeway/ghiring used to run 10 hours and transport 22 tons of goods every day.
The construction of Highways and cheaper fuels for the vehicles in those days [and mismanagement of government people] caused the ropeway to lose its charm and it stopped its operation in 1994. It did serve the valley for the last time by transporting vegetables and other food products when the flood washed away both part of the Tribhuwan and Prithivi Highway in 1993AD.

Today, due to the skyrocketed fuel prices and because of the relatively unstable terrain of the area, many study shows that transport of goods through rope-way is cost effective. But the old Hetauda-Kathmandu rope-ways have been lost beyond repairs and it's old towers left to rust in peace. We can still see the reminiscences of the rope-way in various parts of Kathmandu including Kuleswor area

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