Friday, September 14, 2018

High damage after nacelle accident at the Zugspitz cable car

A cracked chain hoist at the mountain station is the cause of the accident at the new Zugspitzseilbahn. One of the two high-tech gondolas is badly damaged and must be lavishly brought down to the valley.
When preparing a mountain exercise on Wednesday evening, the chain hoist, according to Zugspitzbahn, tore when lowering the rescue car. That triggered a chain reaction. The unoccupied Bergewagen then crashed into one of the two unoccupied cable car cabins. This has now been completely smashed and lifted out of the suspension ropes. The amount of property damage was not yet determined.
Ruined cabin of the Zugspitzbahn dangling from the rope
The destroyed cabin now hangs on the pull rope between the mountain station and the buttress. The cabin dangles about 280 meters from the mountain station. Parts of the floor and roof have been torn away in the collision, a half is badly damaged.

Specialists advise on salvage
Currently, it is being puzzled over how the still hanging in the air gondola could be salvaged at all. The manufacturer company from Switzerland has overnight sent specialists who advise on how the 15-tonne gondola can be salvaged. It has not yet decided if she can be pulled up or down. The destroyed gondola is too heavy for any helicopter.
There is no danger to the suspension rope. When the operation can be resumed, is currently completely open. The rack railway and the glacier run regularly.
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