Friday, March 29, 2013


Something special is quite normal
Creativity knows no limits - at CWA we are constantly striving to demonstrate this. Under the motto SMART TRAVELLING SOLUTIONS - unusual customer wishes will be realised too. Whether it should be a cabin with a fully functional sauna or whether you wish to inspire your passengers with a SAFARI design. Projects that we already realised have proven that besides our serial production we continue to take time for something out of the ordinary.
A good example for this individuality is the "Bana Big Ropeway" commission in Vietnam. The order comprised 86 OMEGA IV-10 SI cabins and was delivered in January 2013. Out of the 86 cabins, 10 were fitted with glass floors and 10 cabins with the SAFARI option (chrome-steel bars instead of glazing) and wooden slats as seats, which conferred a unique and airy feeling to the ride. The "SAFARI" cabins were also given an individual colour scheme with up to three different colours per vehicle.
 Would you like to give your cabin a special touch? In our   VIP-Segment you can choose from a wide variety of luxurious optional features. Your personal perceptions and wishes can be incorporated in the project.

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