Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old Bridge at Hetauda

Before the Highways
Before the construction of motorable road, Most of the travellers and traders from India ran north from Segauli, passing through the tarai and sal forests, to Bhichhkhori; then through the beds of mountain streams, through a pass in the Churiyaghati range, and through another sal forest, to Hetauda; then by a wide and good road to Bhimphedi at the foot of the Sisaghari range of hills.
Upto Bhimphedi the route is accessible for carts and baggage animals and from Bhimphedi the road used to be a rugged footpath over the mountains. 

Lying at Hetauda, this bridge drew attention of the travellers who visited the valley.
The first one is the Sepia wash drawing of a bridge by Oldfield, Henry Ambrose 1853AD
The second is the photo of the same bridge by Clarence Comyn Taylor captured in 1863AD